about us

Who we are

We have extensive experience working in the area of renovation, restoration and ecological development; combining traditional materials with modern technology and eco developments in a balanced and economic way.

Murray Wright, Ecospec Ltd. Ecospec Ltd was established in 2008 evolving from Taipan Interiors, a successful building company formed in 1999. The owner and inspiration for both companies is Murray Wright, a New Zealander with 35 years building experience behind him, who has been resident in the UK for a total of 21 years, and has recently moved to Stockholm, Sweden. During this time we have worked in the fields of architectural design, renovation and restoration, shop fitting and some construction work.

Over the last fifteen years in particular we have had a lot of experience installing various ecological systems observing how they behave, and how to integrate these systems appropriate to the property concerned.

Ecospec is the natural evolution of this work, experience and knowledge.