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Summer Barn

Summer Barn before restoration Summer Barn after restoration



Summer Barn is so named because it gets sun from morning until every last drop of the evening sun, giving passive heat and a light bright sunny feel.
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It is built to a very high level of energy efficiency with a heating system that combines a wood cooker, solar, economy 7 and standard rate electricity complemented by 3 night storage heaters linked in with an oil boiler by way of back up. We used about 10 litres of oil last winter 2010. The floor has 150mm celotex type insulation under the oversite with the rest of the house being so well insulated that the floor is the only mass in the house that can absorb heat which helps to warm the place in winter.

Insulation is wool, Tri Iso insulation blanket, warm cell, rock wool, celotex type foil board, heraclith board and plenty of lime putty sand and straw finish coat for the plaster. Solid oak wood floors, cork, hand made Norfolk pamment tiles and wool carpet on Estonian spruce ply. External walls are brick with thermalite block and 75mm celotex cavity slab with 25mm celotex type fixed to the internal block walls with plasterboard. 24mm double glazing and custom douglas fir joinery.

Sewerage is a Conder Bio Tank discharging into a medieval ditch.

Summer barn is set on 5 acres of wood and lake so that fire wood is in plentiful supply. The Wamsler 1100 cooker kicks out 18kw to the heating and does the hot water and radiators at a canter in addition to convection heat in the kitchen dining area.